Imagínate si para Halloween pudieras disfrazarte y maquillarte tan bien que pudieras ser cualquier personaje que tu deseas, y parecieras idéntico.

Para la mayoría de nosotros, eso solo es un sueño, pero para Alyson Tabbitha, una cosplayer, es su pasión. Aunque suena caro, ella cuenta que logra crear la mayoría de sus disfraces con un presupuesto de menos de $100. Usa maquillaje de farmacia, compra pelucas en eBay y las pinta y corta a su gusto, compra tela de descuento o compra ropa de tiendas de segunda mano, y usa pintura de $1 de WalMart.

Ósea que, con talento y dedicación, cualquiera de nosotros pudiera crear uno de los disfraces abajo:

Guerra de las Galaxias

Mujer Maravilla

I did a #WonderWoman makeup test, that turned into a full dress rehearsal that resulted in this!! 💖 . Full costume, makeup & hair done by me! ( @AlysonTabbitha ) 🙂 . The costume isn't finished yet, since I still need to make the belts, shoes lasso , and props! But I was so exited I couldn't resist trying it on! lol . I made the armor out of craft foam and poster board, & the base of the breastplate was made out of @TreeFlx ! I definitely leared a lot of new skills while making this! . Once I saw the Wonder Woman movie I stopped all other projects to prioritize this cause I was so inspired! lol . (Shout out to my @pugliepug phone sicker 👌) . #wonderwomancostume #wonderwomancosplay #galgadot #galgadotcosplay #justiceleaguecosplay #justiceleague #cosplayer #cosplaytransformation #cosplaymakeup #ww #wwcosplay #makeuptransformation #beforeandafter #bathroomselfie #beforeamdaftercosplay #inandoutcosplay #jlhalloween #halloween

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El Quinto Elemento

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Now that i finally have some time to myself, I have been thinking of some more casual/comfortable/good for hot FL weather costumes to wear on Thursdays and Sundays at cons! . I do have padme which is comfy, but still warm. I love how badass #laracroft is, and I could totally thrift most of the outfit! I tried a super quick makeup test, and even though I don't look much like angelina, I'm okay with that 🙂 it is just cosplay after all! I definitely need to stop trying to live up to others expectations of me, it adds way too much unnecessary pressure to a hobby I started for me, for fun! . . "***EDIT** (since some people are being really rude & missing the point) I'm not fishing for compliments by saying I don't look like her. I only uploaded my best angle because I didn't look like her in other angles. The only reason I said that is because I almost didn't even post a pic because I was worried it wasn't good enough cause people always expect me to look just like every character I cosplay, which is impossible! SO I wanted to make a statement that it really doesn't matter what other people think as long as YOU are happy with it, and it doesn't have to be "perfect" cause it's just a costume! <3" . .Wonder woman is another strong female I am going to be working on next! I just wanna cosplay all my waifus! (Like I always say, since I can't be WITH them, I want to BE them) 🤣 lol . I'm getting my motivation back guys!! It feels gooddddd! . Contacts from @uniqso . #laracroftcosplay #tombraider #tombraidercosplay

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Entrevista Con El Vampiro

I finally did a dress rehearsal for my #Lestat cosplay!! (before and after bathroom selfie that ya know I love doing lol) I will be debuting this cosplay on Sunday at #HolidayMatsuri2016 @hollymatsuri Orl FL Dec 16-18 Also I gotta mention this beautiful fabric from @cosplayfabrics that I used for the coat and vest of this costume! I'm so grateful to the @yayahan cosplay fabric line for making this available to us cosplayers that have trouble finding the right fabrics at our local stores! ❤ This beautiful #royalbrocade was a great fabric to work with, and it really makes the costume !! ^_^ #crossplay #cosplayfabrics #lestatdelioncourt #lestatcosplay #iwtv #interviewwiththevampire #interviewwithavampirecosplay #iwtvcosplay #interviewwiththevampirecosplay #beforeandafter #beforeaftercosplay #makeuptest #makeuptransformation #femaletomale #lestatdelioncourtcosplay #holidaymatsuri

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Piratas del Caribe

Loving all the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie trailers! ❤ . Cosplay/wig/Makeup made and worn by: @alysontabbitha (Also a lot of people ask me about my facial hair! I use Lace facial hair from @maxwigs ! ) I will be making a post showing how I style it! ^_^ . Since the new pirates movie comes out May 26th (The day before my birthday May 27th!) I am so tempted to wear my Jack Sparrow costume to @megaconvention @fanexpohq since I'll also be a guest there that weekend! If you are going to MegaCon let me know if you'd like me to wear it! #makeuptransformation #jacksparrow #jacksparrowcosplay #crossplay #piratecosplay #piratesofthecaribbean #deadmentellnotales #piratesofthecaribbeancosplay #potccosplay #potc #megacon2017 #megacon #cosplayguest

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El Joven Manos de Tijera

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