Se llama Jay from Houston, pero unas personas están diciendo que se debería llamar Jenny from the Block. Janice Garay, una atleta basada en Texas, ha enloquecido las redes sociales porque se parece a Jennifer López, y después de ver fotos de ella, entendemos por qué.

Mira fotos y participa en nuestra encuesta abajo:

💓When people from the past try to get back in your life, but you're no longer on those old thought patterns. You're no longer wasting your time and energy on meaningless activities. You're no longer trying to get approval from them, because you approve yourself. You're no longer trying to fit in, because you realized your self-worth. You're no longer interested in their negativity, because you know that time is precious and you want to focus on being the best that you can be. So you hit them with that "new mindset, who dis" reply, because you're no longer who you use to be. "Allow me to reintroduce myself" is your new mentality, because your growth game is strong. Life is all about mindset and once you upgrade that, nothing can stop where you're headed, not even your past. 🙏🏾😈💪🏽 Tag some with a new mindset. 🚀

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There needs to be some clearing of old energy, habits, people, and situations before your blessings can arrive. Your vibration is being lifted so you can enter a whole new state. You are being tested to see if you really deserve what you have been praying for. How much do you want it? Are you willing to let go and enter with confidence and trust instead of fear and worry? Are you willing to surrender and forgive yourself for your past? There will be the dark moments, because you are changing, growing, and upgrading your mind, body, and soul. The transformation is happening for you, because you have been asking for it. You are being guided in the right direction. Trust it. Don't be afraid of the mess that needs to be taken out. The self work is the best work. It makes you realize your worth and what you deserve. You got this babygirl! 💓🙏🏾🤘🏽🤙🏽 I'll Be back in Houston tonight! 🤘🏽

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